Tuesday, 7 August 2018

passion project

This is my hydraulic arm. I did it for my passion project and if you want to know more about it click on the icon which is the yellow circle.  

Link https://www.thinglink.com/scene/1078836908110381057

Thursday, 17 May 2018

My magazine

Click here to read my magazine

My writing goal for this was paragraphs. There were heaps of different times when the writing would change when a new characters talking or its a new time or its a different idea.

Anzac wit

This is my Anzac wit. We had to create something that had to do with the Gallipoli story. So we watch some videos and research for a week an a half. We also needed to know what art media mean so we also have to research that and what it mean is that it can be any type of art. My artwork show a headstone of the ones who fought in the Gallipoli War.

Monday, 26 March 2018


My art shows not to litter the sea. I chose this topic because I don't like seeing the sea
with rubbish in it  and fish and other sea creatures dying. Another reason I picked this
topic was so people would see from my painting not to litter. The art style I picked was
impressionism because it looks cool.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018


When I go fishing we normally go in the weekend And holiday.

At Our house we have a boat and two kayaks. We first had The two kayaks and then we got a boat a Year ago. I have been out on the boat and kayak.

Once when my dad  went on the kayak he caught a 23 pander snapper it was big.We have also got a tandem kayak so I can go on with him and anyone else.

The biggest fish I caught was on the bout it was a 13 pander snapper my dad help me a bit. The fish I caught by myself  is a 7 pander snapper.

Once we went on the boat with my dad friend and his son we caught a big shark we hurt it and put it back in the water so it didn’t get the line again and there were other blue shark that was circling around the bout so my dad hit it so it went away.

When the whole family went out it was my mom first time. And when I caught a snapper a little bit after the anchor came of it mite of been a big shark that chomp the rope of dad was annoyed and we drift fish for a bit and then we went home. We had enough fish for tea.And dad got a new anchor and put it on the cane.

On kayak and boat we have secret spots that we use. We are going to get a new boat and Selling the other one.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Carnival craft

My carnival craft is a bag.  It is like a tote bag.  The material that we used was old curtains.  I screen printed on my bag.  I had a cheetah picture on it.  At the carnival it cost $5.  I really enjoyed making the bag.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

My Teacher Think I'm...

My teacher thinks I’m reading but really I’m….
Going crazy at air zone doing epic flips far out to the middle of the foam pits.

My teacher thinks I’m listening but really I’m…
At the museum exploring the Puke Ariki stuffed animals.  I stared at the Falcons and Kiwis as they stared back at me through the glass.

My teacher thinks I'm doing maths but really I'm ….

zooming through the red light At the bike park on my scooter.